Banff National Park, Canada

About Moraine Lake Lodge

World Class Facilities, and the Staff to Match

Nestled in a spectacular valley in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Moraine Lake Lodge provides the ultimate romantic getaway for those seeking a luxurious escape for a honeymoon, anniversary, hiking experience, or a relaxing vacation.

Moraine Lake Lodge LibraryWhen we began building our Banff lodge over twenty years ago we wanted to provide an oasis of calm, an escape from the busy lives people experienced on a daily basis. A place without the intrusion of telephones and TV was important to us as we designed and built the lodge. Little did we know how technology would impact us? Though we still don’t have television and phones, our one concession is the installation of Wi-Fi.

Our philosophy of enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth remains unchanged. Hike, breathe the fresh mountain air, rekindle a relationship and create wonderful experiences and lasting memories.

Working in harmony with nature, our luxury Lodge is almost self-sufficient. When you turn on your tap, you are experiencing some of the freshest water in the world as it comes directly from an alpine mountain well. We generate our own power and transport all waste safely out of the area. We attempt to reduce, re-use, and recycle wherever possible to protect our precious landscape.

We take great effort to hire and train each team member to provide exceptional service, and hope you find them friendly, eager to assist, and knowledgeable. We encourage all team members to explore this wonderful park, so they can provide you with valuable information to enhance your stay.

The Owners

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